Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size tractor do I need?

A 45HP 4WD tractor fitted with a front-end loader and 5’ slasher will clean up and keep tidy around 50 acres by doing general work with the front end loader, 4 in 1 bucket and slashing fire breaks, boundary lines.

A 55HP-75HP 4WD tractor will do heavier work with ease, such as pushing up fallen trees, grading farm roads, shifting rocks and soil etc. This tractor could run a 6’ slasher.

Q. How long is the Euroleopard warranty?

Euroleopard products have parts and labour 2yr, 500hr warranty.

Q. Who will service my Euroleopard tractor?

We have appointed service agents throughout Australia that are workshop trained. In most cases they will carry out warranty or service work on your farm.

Q. Where can I get spare parts for my Euroleopard?

We have been importing Euroleopard tractors for 15 years and have more than 1000 items of spare parts in our Brisbane warehouse.

We offer a priority, overnight shipping service for your spare parts and a 3 day air freight service from the Euroleopard factory.

Q. Can I have a cab fitted to my Euroleopard Tractor?

Yes, Euroleopard Tractors can be supplied with cabins that have heaters and air conditioning.

Q. What is the lifting capacity of the front-end loader on my Euroleopard tractor?

The Euroleopard 45HP 4WD, fitted with industrial tires and front-end loader has a safe working load of 450KG with the 4 in 1 bucket fitted. With pallet forks, it has a safe working load of 550KG.

The 55HP 4WD is 650KG with the bucket fitted and 800KG with pallet forks.