Kubota Valve Clearances and Bolt Tensions

Head tension patterns

2 Cylinder

3 Cylinder

4 Cylinder

Bolt Tensions
Engine Model Nut & Washer Flanged Bolt
D650, D750, ZB500 M8
31-35 (ft/lbs)
31-35 (ft/lbs)
D850, D950, ZB60 M9
43-47 (ft/lbs)
48-51 (ft/lbs)
Z750, Z751, Z851, ZL600, D1101, D1301,
D1402, V1702, V1902, V1501
54-58 (ft/lbs)
58-62 (ft/lbs)
Valve Clearances
Engine Model Valve Clearance
Inlet Exhaust
D650 0.006" 0.008"
D750 0.006" 0.008"
ZB500 0.006" 0.008"
All Other Models 0.007" 0.009"

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